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Substitution sometimes becomes important. A number of factors are responsible for it. Although we try our level best to use flowers as specified by you, but this becomes difficult at times. At that time we use flowers which are of same or higher value. But in no case do we compromise with the quality.

We always try to design flower arrangements as displayed on the website. But sometimes it is very hard to create a replica of the sample. In that case, Substitution policy comes in force. Flowers which are not available are replaced with flowers of same or greater value.

In small cities and town’s exotic flowers are usually not available as flowers are perishable items and they need special care and small cities lack it. If you are directing your orders towards small cities it is better you choose flowers which are readily available there like roses, glad and tube roses.

And, as we all are aware that flowers have seasonal properties, i.e., not all the flowers are available in all the seasons. In this case too, florist will have to substitute one flower variety with other.

Our utmost priority is customer satisfaction and for the same we strictly follow the general guidelines. Firstly, we keep the flower arrangement of the same color and height as specified. Another important guideline is not to replace the flower which maintains the overall effect.

We, generally, try and communicate the substitution with you, but it is always not possible. Similar policy is followed in case of CAKES. We make every effort to deliver fresh and same flavors cakes as ordered by you. But in some cases substitution are inescapable. Icings and toppings vary across cities as cakes are prepared by local bakers and confectioners. Substitution becomes important if the deliveries is to be made on the same day or if they are to be made in small cities as not all the faclities are not accessible to them.

If the message to be written on the cake is too long then it is written on a separate card and sent along with the cake.

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